Why WPTV Ch 5 news is the best

When it comes to the one of the best sources of news and information, you have WPTV channel 5. WPTV channel 5, like many of our news programs today offer you the latest in news and happenings, locally, nationally and internationally. But what makes WPTV chanel 5 news is the way the news are reported and what are being reported. For one, when it comes to your local news, WPTV channel 5 reports on the latest news, top news and breaking news. Aside from traditional news reporting that you would expect from news programs, WPTV channel 5 website also brings you crime and safety news, science and technology news, politics, health, lifestyle, sports and finance. And of course what makes WPTV channel 5 different is the news the respected reporters gather in and around the state. For example, you can find the latest mug shots of those that are arrested in different counties, the best and the brightest graduates, also in different counties and other similar news. There is therefore the perfect balance between traditional news reporting and news that are close to our own hearts and interest.

WPTV Ch 5 news is also one of the favorites of many residents in the state because of its weather news and forecast. Forecasts are accurate. Weather news are in real time. You can also use the interactive radar to check out the weather in the state. Then of course there is the weather alert. You will not have to worry about missing important and emergency weather alert because TV 5 news WPTV, just like My Fox 5, alerts you for anything that you should know when it comes to weather changes and conditions. Then there is also hurricane and tornado news and information that are worth knowing when it comes to facing tornado or hurricane. You can get advice from the experts that will definitely keep you and your family safe. As for regular weather forecast, WPTV channel 5 has seven day forecast which you can use to plan your week ahead.

Another great thing about WPTV channel 5 is their collection of videos and picture. You can check out their gallery for really great pictures. Some of these are pictures accompanying the news, such as pictures of sports events and celebrities. Similarly, you can find great videos of news locally, in the state, across the nation and from around the globe. But of course there are videos and pictures that are sent by residents. These are what you cannot find elsewhere. Some of them are nice pictures and videos, such as from our beloved pets but there are also those that are in themselves news that every resident should know. Of course you can also send your own video or photos that are worth sharing. Get the news, share the news, that is what WPTV channel 5 is all about. And when it comes to getting the news you can also subscribe, use RSS or connect using social networking sites.