Online or On Air?

The average work schedule these days no longer makes it possible for people to catch regular news broadcasts form their local news stations. Luckily, the average news station is one step ahead of the times.

While television is still the number one way people get their news, the producers are not blind to the changing ways of modern technology, and to the current crunch in schedules that make regular broadcasts difficult to catch. Most major outlets also maintain a website to supplement and recount the big stories of the day, so you can stay current even amidst your busy schedule.

My Fox 5 News Live is one example of supplemental online coverage that also provides streaming video of their regular news broadcasts. By also including weather forecasts, sports highlights, and global current events, Chanel 5 News is able to offer viewers a choice of medium, without either form suffering. For example, the TV 5 News also offers streaming videos of stories not available to the television viewing public, and the on air personalities will often cross promote online stories during their broadcasts.

TV 5 News and Fox News 5 are also able to provide online users with ways to keep even more current on breaking news. RSS feeds as well as social media follow links are a part of nearly every story, so that readers can link to their favorite video or article and share it more easily within their circle of friends. And the television news has even begun reporting on social media comments and trends, bringing the online and broadcast realms that much closer together.

Deciding where to get your news these days is not necessarily the “either or” prospect many would have you believe. By combing forces and pooling resources, news outlets can strike a happy balance between online viewership and broadcast followers, using one to enhance the other and vice versa. That way, everybody wins.