News Stations, Continuity Across the United States, and Why it Makes Sense

Large corporation news stations broadcast to different cities all over the United States, but different channels in different cities can have a different chanel 5 news displaying. There’s FOX 5 news life, Memphis news channel 5, KSDK 5, Nashville channel 5 … The list goes on. But interestingly enough, all of these channel five stations are news stations. There is even a TV 5 News with broadcasting and reporting, and the interesting thing about this continuity is that just about any place you go, if you tune into channel 5 news, it may be called something different each time, but it is going to be a news station.

Perhaps it has something to do with travel. People do a lot of traveling across the United States and further, so for a news station to be on the same channel no matter where you go makes sense. It also makes it so that people are more likely to tune into that stations news simply because they know where to find it and its easier than flipping through channels if they really want to see whats on the news.