My Favorite Kansas City News Source Might Be Yours, Too!

What’s the station that the most people in Kansas City, MO truly prefer for their news, sports and weather updates? If you ask me, I’d say it’s Channel 5 Kansas City, KCTV. Whether I’m looking for stories of strictly local interest, or for major international news, or simply for the latest entertainment news, Channel 5 Kansas City has always been my first choice and my favorite. I know I’m not alone, either, as so many viewers tune in to Channel 5 Kansas City every day.

But what about some other popular “Channel 5 news” sources? We’ll, let’s take a look at them. There’s Action News 5 Memphis, Channel 5 Chicago, WPTV Channel 5 in West Palm Beach, Nashville Channel 5 and Memphis News Channel 5, just to name a few. What is it about news channels numbered 5? These are all great news sources, and they would probably be among my “go to’s” if I resided in one of the cities mentioned above, but… I still think Channel 5 Kansas City is among my favorite news teams ever.

One of the things I like about Channel 5 Kansas City is their well developed web presence. Their site isn’t overly flashy, but it also makes the major headlines and the most engrossing stories easy to spot. And it also has a nicely categorized list view on the front page that breaks this virtual “newspaper” down into sections, including “Most Popular Stories,” “Sports,” “Entertainment,” “US and World News” and also a section of “Events and Contests,” which I’ve found to be consistently filled with some really great prize giveaways.

But as much as I like this site, my preferred way to experience KCTV Channel 5 Kansas City’s news coverage is on air, where I get to enjoy watching their excellent news team in action every day.