Keeping Nashville in the Know

Nashville Channel 5 News is more than just a great place to get information. TV 5 News also brings our community together, sharing the stories that affect the lives of real people like you and me. The human aspect is always front and center on Chanel 5 News, which is why so many Nashville residents watch 5 News live and streaming online to stay current on the news that matters.%3Cbr%3E

  • Breaking News. Going head to head with NBC, ABC, and FOX 5 News Live is right in the thick of it, bringing you not just the latest local stories and updates, but also statewide, national, and global coverage. Whether it happens around the block, around the country, or around the world, it affects us all. Count on Nashville Channel 5 News to keep you informed.
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  • Sports. Titans fans rejoice, because Channel 5 has all the news on your favorite team, from draft picks to contract negotiations, preseason switches to postseason patches, and of course, in depth coverage from kickoff to the final score. See how your favorite players spend their time off the field, and join the discussions online through Facebook or Twitter.
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  • Weather. Planning a picnic or trying to tan? The Nashville Channel 5 newsteam is always keeping a “weather eye” on the sky. Accurate forecasts, timely alerts, and state of the art radar maps make Channel 5 your best choice for atmospheric advice and vacation viability. And get even more weather updates and maps online.

The best news coverage gives you more than just numbers and pictures. In our increasingly interconnected world, every story matters. News 5 knows this, and continues to bring Nashville residents the stories that inform, enlighten, and enrich the everyday experience.