Fox 5 News Live for the Best in Local News Coverage

If you care about being well informed, you should most definitely tune in to Fox 5 News Live every evening. Fox 5 News Live provides up to the minute coverage on the latest local goings on. TV 5 News is brought to you by hard hitting passionate reporters who are willing to dig through the ambiguities of every story to get at the truth.

Action News 5 Memphis will keep you up to date on storm warnings and school closings. School closings are updated frequently on KSDK 5. The Channel 5 news meteorology team takes its job quite seriously and will stop at nothing to make sure the public is kept in the loop regarding weather emergencies and the effects thereof.

Fox News 5 wants to give you the real story about what is occurring in your neighborhood and on your street. Chanel 5 news sends roving reporters all over the city in search of the best local stories and news coverage. Fox 5 news prides itself on working with experienced journalists and cameramen who are ready at a moments notice to chase down a big story and see it through to the end.

Fox 5 News Live is an award winning news broadcast that gives you the straight facts about important happenings in your community. Fox 5 News Live is the go to local news program for the latest in local government, sports, entertainment, and the issues that concern you and your family.

Fox 5 News Live listens to viewer concerns. Fox 5 News Live partners with local businesses and organizations to present well rounded news coverage serving to strengthen community ties and celebrate the spirit of our unique locality.

You do not want to watch just any local news program. You want the latest news from the best local news team around, which is why you watch Fox 5 News Live.