Four Reasons to Check the News No Matter What City You Are In

Fox news 5

For the frequent traveler, there is nothing worse than being in a new city for a short time with no clue on how to get quick information about the local traffic, business news, or crime. Fortunately, local news stations on television and online can usually give you all of that information quickly and conveniently. Here are some quick notes from news channel 5 stations across the country.

  • Memphis News Channel 5
  • Memphis news channel 5, also known as WMCTV, recently reported that some of the traffic signals in their city were not operating a national standards for yellow light length. With the introduction of red light cameras, this has created some dangerous situations around the city where drivers have to stop shorter to avoid crossing a red light, which brings a higher risk for rear-ending. If you are visiting Memphis on business and are renting a car, then this would be helpful to know.

  • Nashville Channel 5
  • WTVF has reported that a grand jury has indicted the head of Upper Cumberland Development District for theft, forgery, and money laundering. This is a good cautionary tale for anyone traveling to a city to meet with one of the local businesses. Always check the local news to learn about which businesses might be under investigation.

  • Channel 5 Chicago
  • When in Chicago, you can check WMAQ for the latest traffic updates. Whether you are renting or taking public transport, knowing about severe traffic accidents, like the one which recently occurred on I-94, can be important to getting to where you need to be on time.

  • Channel 5 Kansas City
  • KCTV in Kansas City reported on a shooting in a place of business around midday on a Friday. For three hours the entire area was shut down. Doing business in any city is safer when you know what, where, and when local crimes have taken place.

Whether you are in Tennessee and tuning into Memphis news channel 5, or WPTV channel 5 in Florida, personal vacations and business trips are all easier to manage when you use the local news stations as a resource.